Finelines Tables: Draw a Crooked Line

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This is a detail of our first Finelines Table, made in 2014.

I have been gluing thin pieces of wood between wider ones to create a kind of striped effect for decades, but this table was our first piece with actual veneer sandwiched between the boards. As the photograph illustrates, this finelines technique permits the fine contrasting lines in the top to meander. In this particular table, the two lines follow closely the figure in the two outside boards. The effect is to emphasize the figure in those boards, setting them off from the center section and its dramatic ribbon grain.

Since 2014 we have made extensive use of the finelines technique, which permits one to make an interesting visual event out of the mundane need to glue boards together to make a wide panel. Cabinetmakers have always matched boards for figure and color in the highest quality work, but our technique allows us to embrace a whole range of new opportunities. The delicate lines you discover in one of our table tops may be straight or curved, or neither, according to how the figure of the wood and the other lines of the piece inspire us.

The photograph below shows a finelines tabletop in progress.

finelines table in progress


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